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Bringing successful guest entrepreneurs and small business owners to discuss their challenges and fears through the financial/accounting prism, and how they overcame them. What makes an entrepreneur successful? Tune in to find out!

Nov 29, 2017

In this episode we are focusing on Karen Hill, financier by day and cycling instructor by night. Karen overcame all odds to ever be able to have fitness in her life after a life threatening heart condition and heart surgery. She not only was able to get fitness back into her life, but she opened up a boutique gym to help others. Karen’s latest accolade was being interviewed by Self Magazine.


  • Karen talks about how her whole world turned upside down when she was diagnosed with a heart condition in her early 20’s, which led to open heart surgery
  • She shares her thoughts on having a day job to pay the bills, while working on her passion of opening up a fitness studio
  • She also talks about how she quit her day job and then had to go back into it to pay the bills
  • She mentions her biggest fitness accolade to date, and that is being interviewed by SELF magazine.