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Bringing successful guest entrepreneurs and small business owners to discuss their challenges and fears through the financial/accounting prism, and how they overcame them. What makes an entrepreneur successful? Tune in to find out!

Jul 20, 2022

Did you know 40% of Americans who make $200k or more live paycheck to paycheck? Today's guest on Piece of the Pai knows one of the most important life skills people can learn early is financial literacy.

George Kroustalis is a finance expert and author who left a job with one of the country's biggest banks to become a...

Jul 6, 2022

Over the past eight years, Page Fehling has built a profile in Charlotte as the anchor of Good Day Charlotte, a morning news show that Fehling helped make a top ranked program of its kind. Audiences were drawn to her larger-than-life personality and endearing relatability. However, in 2021 Page made the decision...