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Bringing successful guest entrepreneurs and small business owners to discuss their challenges and fears through the financial/accounting prism, and how they overcame them. What makes an entrepreneur successful? Tune in to find out!

Jun 5, 2019

In this episode of Piece of the Pai we interview Cel Thompson, who is a single mom, self-made fitness guru and beat the odds to be the only salesperson to rise to the top of her fitness company without a college degree.

From being in over 25 fitness competitions to coaching pro sport cheerleaders, she is the definition of hustle. More recently, Cel won the Judge’s Choice Award for the 2019 Carolina Breast Friends, Dancing with the Stars competition in Charlotte, to benefit funding for breast cancer research. She had never ballroom danced in her life, but she was up for the challenge. 

Cel has taken every challenge that has come her way and turned them into winning opportunities. Let's hear how she did it!