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Bringing successful guest entrepreneurs and small business owners to discuss their challenges and fears through the financial/accounting prism, and how they overcame them. What makes an entrepreneur successful? Tune in to find out!

Jan 11, 2023

It's the unique vision that sets any great entrepreneur apart from the crowd. Oftentimes, that vision is born through the individual experiences of that person, and shape them in ways both big and small. For Britnye Shore, founder and CEO of The Bardot, her entrepreneurial vision was molded during her time working in a series of salons and wedding planning companies. Through those first-hand experiences, Britnye discovered her passion for helping support women in creating the most perfect vision for their own big day.

Britnye Shore joins host Nesha Pai on today's episode of Piece of the Pai to talk about her path from working small and uncomfortable salons to launching a beauty and experience based mobile salon. Britnye discusses how she founded The Bardot, and the evolution of the business into its "2.0" phase. She also talks with Nesha about slowing down during the pandemic and spending time on the farm which helped her recalibrate her vision for what's next.