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Bringing successful guest entrepreneurs and small business owners to discuss their challenges and fears through the financial/accounting prism, and how they overcame them. What makes an entrepreneur successful? Tune in to find out!

Feb 15, 2023

Conventional paths to "success" can often look the same: go to school, get the degree, get the job, and (if you're a woman) get the husband and kids at a certain age. But what if we could let go of society’s expectations of us and its predetermined paths? What if we could break free of the boundaries of “having to be liked?” What if we could… give less fucks?

Today’s guest on Piece of the Pai is Gianna Biscontini, the author of “Fuckless: A Guide to Wild, Unencumbered Freedom” and a Board-Certified Behavioral Analyst. Gianna joins host Nesha Pai for a fun and refreshing talk about living with joy and fulfillment without feeling guilt or being bound by traditional expectations of women. Gianna speaks passionately about how the unconscious expectations innately placed around us force us to “give fucks” about things we shouldn’t be… giving a fuck about. 

Connect with Gianna online at You can buy her book, “Fuckless” here.